Broken Things

In light of the insanity that is shortly to ensue with the coming 2020 elections, these are some wise words.

“Home & kissing a baby’s pinking toes. 

Letting grief for the deeply divided state of things today just come like a gentle friend. 

Heartbroken to sit with the deep fear we have of each other: “More than 4 in 10 people believe that the other party’s policies are so misguided they pose a threat to the nation — and more than 55% of Democrats say the Republican party makes them afraid, and 49% of the Republican party says the Democrats make them afraid.” 

Letting tears over all the fracturing of all of us be like water for broken places, letting it grow grace to love like Jesus, letting it be like a gentle balm to the raw questions, the bruised conversations.

Thinking there is a way through for all of us, His Way, a broken way — the way of living broken and given, hands outstretched, cruciform.

Loving the other, the one who is different than us, is exactly how we love one another: Jesus tells us so. 

Loving someone who feels like the other — this *is* what it means to love one another. 

Living cruciform, hands given & stretched out to each other, even the other, especially the other — this is how we reach joy. How to do that today — and what if we all did just that today? 

Giving a hot coffee forward and hugging the mail lady. Call Mom. Leaving a kind line or two for someone who sees the world differently. Pray. Smile kindly to someone older, someone different, someone angry. 

Sit present to a little person and remember what laughter feels like, how brave joy can sound like music in the wilderness. 

The simple ministry of presence today — purposing to be present to Christ & fully present to each person on the way– this is the gift that we could give ourselves today — and we could be the gift like bread, broken & given, into a starved & hurting world today. 

And yeah, on endless, quiet repeat through the chambers of this broken world today: 

Do not be afraid of broken things — this is where God is resurrecting new things” (Ann Voskamp).

#TheBrokenWay #GiveItForwardToday #GIFT

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