The Great Marvel of Salvation

“I don’t know what your natural heart was like before God saved you, but I know what mine was like. I was misunderstood and misrepresented; everybody else was wrong and I was right. Then when God came and gave me a spring-cleaning, dealt with my sin, and filled me with the Holy Spirit, I began to find an extraordinary alteration in myself. I still think the great marvel of the experience of salvation is not the alteration others see in you, but the alteration you find in yourself” (Oswald Chambers, Conformed to His Image).

How true that is.

From day to day, I find very little difference in my actions and attitude, but when I look back to what I was like a year ago or five years ago, I see a drastic difference. I see less impatience and more trust, less irritation and more peace.

Maturity in your faith comes when you can be the first to admit blame and to take ownership of your actions instead of always blaming others. You find you look for the best in others and learn to deal with the proverbial plank in your own eye before you try to dislodge a splinter in someone else’s.

May we trust the process and trust God in the process. He knows what He’s doing.

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