Hard Truths

“The greatest blessing God can give us is to put us in a position where we must trust him. This is our only path to joy. He will do whatever is necessary to disrupt our self-sufficiency and illusion of control” (Jim Dennison).

That’s a hard truth.

Here’s another. God wants us to be holy more than He wants us to be happy.

That means that God will allow circumstances and events that might cause temporary unhappiness but will lead to eternal holiness. The eternal always outweighs the temporary.

The one I’m still learning is that God will absolutely give us more than we can handle but not more than He can handle. It’s about destroying that myth of self-sufficiency and the illusion of control.

The Bible says God won’t allow us to be tempted beyond our ability to bear it, but He will put us in situations that go beyond our ability, i.e. what we can do in our own strength, so that we can fall on the grace of God and find out how perfect His strength is in the midst of our weakness.

I don’t want hard lessons. I want ease and comfort. But that’s not where I learn to trust God and hear His voice. That’s not where I sense the nearness of His presence. As Elijah only heard God’s voice after the whirlwind and the raging fire, so God often will speak to us in the midst of difficulties rather than tranquility.

God, help us to walk faithfully where you’ve planted us. Be strong when we are too weak to bear our load. Be near.

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