Never Forget

It seems to me that when you hold unpopular beliefs, you have two choices: you can either sell out your beliefs and compromise your convictions or you can stand firm in your faith.

If you sell out, what you end up with will be a vague spirituality that offers no hope to anyone and strips the gospel message of its power to save.

If you hold firm, you may feel like you’re standing alone sometimes, but ultimately, the truth will prevail.

For me, I know that it’s not my great faith in God that sustains me but faith in a great God. It’s not me holding on to Jesus but Jesus holding on to me that will enable me to persevere to the end.

These days, it is costing more and more to follow Jesus. We’re getting closer and closer to the day when it very well may cost you your life to proclaim that Jesus and not the almighty state is Lord.

I’m praying that you and I can hold on to what we know from God’s word to be true. I’m praying for the prodigals that they will return to the only faith that can really and truly save.

God, help us all.

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