A Word for the Week

“Lord, when I don’t like me, 
You still love me, You still like me, You still lavish me with acceptance.
When I am fed up with me, You invite me to Your feast,
When I am done — with me, with life, with everything, 
You whisper, “Hang on — I am making *all things* — *you* — new.” (Rev21:5)
And when I want to quit, You cup my face: “This great work I started in you? I won’t stop that beautiful work until you are fully, completely, gloriously beautiful” (Phil1:6, 1Cor2:7) 

So this becomes our brave & broken-hearted hallelujah, the one we sing into the dark, even when it’s hard to believe: 
I am His Beloved, His Beloved, His Beloved… and even now I will be held.
In the name of the only One who loved us to death & back to the real & forever life… Amen” (Ann Voskamp).

Maybe this will speak to one person. Maybe this will give that one person hope and courage to continue for one more day.

Maybe the one reading this who needs it right now is you.

Remember, our God is making all things new. Including you. Including me.

Those parts about your character that you don’t like so much? Those intangible attributes you wish you could fix?

They won’t always be there.

Also, remember that you are still fearfully and wonderfully made, despite all the brokenness. The image of God is still in you.

Here’s to making Monday a good day. Here’s to making each moment count because each moment will be a moment filled with counting your blessings and laying down your life in surrender to the One who holds your whole life together.


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