A Chance to Die

“Everything about which we are tempted to complain may be the very instrument whereby the Potter intends to shape His clay into the image of His Son–a headache, an insult, a long line at the check-out, someone’s rudeness or failure to say thank you, misunderstanding, disappointment, interruption. As Amy Carmichael said, ‘See in it a chance to die,’ meaning a chance to leave self behind…” (Elisabeth Elliot)

That’s exactly what I needed to hear, so I decided to post it.

When you stop seeing all these annoyances and aggravations and insults and wrongs as things done to you and start seeing them as the means of God shaping you into something brand new, your outlook changes.

When you see every hardship, every pain, and every loss as God’s means of making you more like Jesus, you understand that God really is working all things– even the worst things– together for good.

Every time I don’t get my way, when my plans get frustrated and my dreams come to naught, I can see in it a chance to die– a chance to leave my old self and all its selfishness and self-centeredness behind.

Maybe then I can even start to give thanks in these circumstances, if not for the actual events then what God will bring out of them. Maybe I can learn to give thanks for every no from God because I know there’s a much bigger yes in store down the road.

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