The First Real Day of Fall

According to the calendar, it’s been fall for two weeks, but anyone in the great state of Tennessee could tell you that it has felt like anything but fall. Those annoyingly humid and hot temperatures were lingering and it felt like they would never go away.

Yep, fall didn’t feel much like fall.

Until today.

In my opinion, this was the real first day of fall. That coolish temperature and those crisp autumn breezes gave me all the feels. Hot-tober is now finally October. I can drink my pumpkin spice beverages in seasonally appropriate weather again.

I hope fall stays awhile this time.

I hope the leaves don’t just fall off but turn into a riot of colors before they let go and fall to the earth.

I hope that I’ll take time to experience this autumn with all five senses, breathing in the fall air, feeling the brisk winds against my face, smelling the sweet decay of dying leaves.

I hope there will be lots of warm beverages, bonfires, s’mores, and possibly a hayride or two.

I’m ready.

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