Grace and Truth

All of the following comes from Chris Brooks’ sermon from Kairos tonight dealing with the Gospel, Gender, and Trans-Gender.

The key to how we deal with people and culture is that we need both grace (kindness) and truth (conviction).

With all kindness and no conviction, you end up enabling instead of loving. With no kindness and all conviction, you might win the argument but you lose the person.

Jesus had both grace and truth, kindness and conviction. He told the woman caught in adultery that He didn’t condemn her but also to go and sin no more.

The Gospel is not “I’m okay, you’re okay– let’s try to be nicer to each other,” nor is it, “God hates you because you’re such a terrible sinner.”

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is that God loved the world– and you– so much that He gave Jesus so that no one need perish apart from God but find full and abundant eternal life in Jesus.

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