Vacation Withdrawals

I’m home in my own bed. As happy as I am to be home again, I’m always the tiniest bit sad when my vacation is over.

I’ll definitely miss those salty ocean breezes and the feel of wet sand between my toes. I’ll miss the sound of waves crashing on the beach at night and the blueness of the ocean water (except for the first day when it was full of seaweed).

But I’m thankful to have had the chance to spend time in a place and enjoyed it enough to miss it. Plus, it’s not like I’m never ever going to any beaches ever again.

I’m old enough and smart enough now to understand that you can’t live your entire life on vacation. Eventually you have to go back to reality and the routine.

I heard once that you need to cultivate the life to where you don’t live exclusively for holidays and weekends. Where you don’t need a vacation from your life but more like a vacation to compliment your life.

I have a good life. Yes, it’s good to get away periodically, but I’m content with where God has me and who I am becoming. Plus, I have plenty of photos and memories if I ever get the ol’ beach withdrawals.

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