A Real Holiday

I’m going on holiday. I like that version better than saying that I’m going on a vacation. Just another reason being British is better.

But I’m on the cusp of starting my vacation/holiday. I love that feeling. It’s the feeling that I don’t have to wake up early in the morning and make that commute to work. I get to sleep in and dream.

For the longest time, I couldn’t really grasp heaven. For some reason, none of the images I could conjure up really did anything for me. Until I read the last book in The Chronicles of Narnia series, The Last Battle. In it, C. S. Lewis describes the feeling of heaven as waking up after the last day of school and the beginning of summer holiday.

I remember that feeling. How all sorts of endless possibilities lay before me. How absolutely ecstatic I was when the reality sank in.

I’m not planning on going to heaven tomorrow. I’m planning on enjoying my week of vacation. But I know one day I will have that feeling of joy and it will never go away or grow less. That makes me smile.

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