Be A Good Human

I get sick and tired of having the old two-party system constantly shoved down my throat, as if there were ever only two choices– Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative.

Maybe I want to be an Independent and actually think for myself. Maybe I don’t want to drink the kool-aid anymore.

Maybe I really do believe the Gospel is more than a political party platform or election campaign rhetoric.

Maybe I believe that neither Conservatives nor Liberals get the Gospel 100% right.

Maybe I really do believe that my ultimate allegiance isn’t to any President or flag or political party but to King Jesus and His kingdom.

After all, one day there won’t be a United States. There won’t be Democrats or Republicans. All the hateful rhetoric between the two sides won’t even matter.

What will matter is how you showed people the love of Jesus.

What will matter is how you loved your neighbor as yourself. And Jesus defined the neighbor as anyone who has a need that you have the power to meet.

What will matter is what you did for the least of these, those who were cold and hungry and naked and alone. It won’t matter if you voted red or blue and did nothing for these, because Jesus’ words to you will be, “Depart from Me.”

True faith doesn’t follow a party line. True faith is one that shows itself in good works, essentially how you actively loved God and loved people.

That’s what will matter in the end.

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