Don’t Wait

I’m in my bed, listening to the last of of the thunderstorms rolling through. I’m pondering and thinking over the sermon from Kairos, deciding on my takeaway from what Chris Brooks talked about.

My takeaway is this: don’t wait until you get what you want to be the person you want to be. Otherwise, you’d never appreciate the gift.

Don’t wait until you get married to start learning how to love your wive sacrificially like Christ loved the Church. You can love the people in your life that way now.

Don’t wait until you get rich to start being generous. You will most likely be as generous with $1 million as you are with $10.

Even when you’re in a waiting season, you can still choose to practice good and godly disciplines like gratitude and almsgiving and serving others. You can focus on improving yourself at any time, no matter what stage of life you’re in.

You don’t want to wait until God answers your prayer to get ready to for it. A farmer doesn’t wait for rain to work his fields. He cultivates the ground with the anticipation of rain. You want to prepare yourself in the meantime to be ready to receive it when the time comes.

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