Trust the Process

I woke up this morning feeling about the same as when I went to bed last night. I didn’t notice any monumental changes while I was showering or brushing my teeth or getting dressed. I didn’t radically transform on my morning commute to work.

It’s all about those 10,000 steps we take every day. They either lead us closer to or further away from who we want to be.

For the believer, it’s all about trusting the process. Better yet, it’s all about trusting the God who’s in charge of the process.

Every day, you change imperceptibly and unnoticeably. At every moment God is in work in you, making you more like Jesus. You probably don’t notice on a daily basis, but some event will bring into sharp relief how much you’ve changed.

Your reaction to a stresser won’t be the same as when you were stressed about the same thing last year. You won’t be quite as quick to rush to judgment on someone as you might have been 5 years ago.

Keep trusting God, even above your senses and feelings and intuition. All those things can mislead or deceive, but God never will. Trust God in the process. He is still working all things together for good.

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