The Mystery of Grace

God loves me as I am, but He refuses to leave me that way. He loves me just as I am into something better. No, something completely new and transformed.

All that to say I can’t explain the mystery of grace. I just know I need it every single day. I know that I couldn’t exist for one second without it.

I saw a bumper sticker that read something along the lines of “May you find the God you deserve.”

I hope I never do. I know what I deserve, and it is not grace.

That’s why I never wish for karma on anyone. If such a thing exists, it is when you get exactly what you deserve and nothing else. I can’t wish it on another and hope for grace for myself. That’s not how it works.

Grace says that you don’t get what you deserve. You get something far, far better. You get a second chance. You get a do-over. You get all God’s riches in Christ at Christ’s expense.

I’m still holding out for grace.

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