Sweat-pocalypse Has Begun

You know it’s officially summer in the South, not by the date on the calendar but by the amount of humidity in the air and the level of volume of hair for anyone with curly locks.

Yes, folks, the season of sweat-pocalyse has begun in earnest.

I’m not the biggest fan of hot weather, but I’ll take 95 degrees with low to no humidity over a muggy 85 any day. It’s that humidity that makes me sweat more profusely. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s within smellin’ distance of me is thankful for low humidity.

For me, all it takes is walking outside in the day time. I don’t even have to exert. I just have to be outside for more than five minutes and the sweat starts dripping.

Did I mention how much I really, really love fall?

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