Pre-Monday Stuff

It’s that time of the week dreaded by many that’s known as Monday Eve. It’s Sunday night and the work week looms ahead.

So here’s a funny that will hopefully take your mind off whatever’s worrying you about the week ahead.

I also hate getting up early, for the record. Especially on Mondays. But here’s the deal– it’s gonna be a good week. Just set your mind on that.

How do I know? Because I know God’s in charge. Whatever’s giving you anxiety or concern, God won’t be taken by surprise. It’s not like you’ll bring it to Him in prayer and He’ll be like, “Well, I definitely didn’t see THAT coming.”

The worst case scenario with God in it is better than any scenario without God because even in those worst moments you are still being carried along by those Everlasting Arms and He’s still working all things together for good.

In other words, it’s all good. Trust more, worry less. Focus on the here and now and say lots of short prayers and take deep breaths and trust that God will take care of you.

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