Stress vs. Rest

Ain’t that the truth?

We are an instant gratification-obsessed culture, and as a result, we are probably one of the most stressed cultures in history. Waiting and resting are both becoming a lost art.

But then again God’s methods have always been counter-cultural. After all, His ways are not our ways, nor are His thoughts our thoughts.

God’s timetable is perfect. Whenever God asks us to wait, it isn’t because He isn’t ready but because we aren’t. We’re not ready to receive whatever we’ve asked for in prayer or claimed as a promised from God.

God knows that if we got everything we wanted and asked for and felt we deserved all right now, it would destroy us. It would be our complete and utter undoing.

Sometimes, God’s greatest mercy is saying no. Sometimes it means a “not now.”

Trust in God’s provision and God’s timing but remember that God’s presence is always better than anything He could ever give us outside of Himself.

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