For Monday Eve

It’s true. Monday is tomorrow. That dreaded first day of the week draweth nigh. No one is happy about it.

Here’s the deal. You will survive. You’ll get through.

You are just as much secure in your salvation on Monday as you were Sunday. You are just as much loved by Jesus and covered by His grace as you were the previous six days.

No matter what happens, you’re good. God’s got you. It’s not that He won’t give you more than you can handle but more than He can handle. He will give you the strength to handle what you’ve been given.

Oh, and Monday is just another day on the calendar. Spoiler alert. There’s nothing especially bad about it except for what we bring with a sometimes self-defeating, self-fulfilling mentality. What you get out of a day depends on what you bring into it, how you look at it, and your attitude toward it.

In Christ, the worst that can ever happen to you is already handled. Nothing will get thrown at you tomorrow that God didn’t see coming.

You are surrounded, secure, and certain to be just fine.

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