A Peanut Update for May 2019

As I write these words, my little Peanut is lounging on my bed, something that she doesn’t do all that often.

Not to say that she isn’t friendly or cuddly. She’s both. She certainly has a lot of kittenish energy.

She still loves her morning belly rubs. She gets that look of ecstasy and pure joy whenever she rolls over and I commence to pet her little chest. She’s in a state of catly bliss.

It’s weird that at times I can be so very fond of Peanut and at the same time still miss my first cat Lucy fiercely. I wonder how the two would have gotten along.

I also saw where the cat famous for all the Grumpy Cat memes passed away. Her real name was Tardar Sauce (no lie), but she made a lot of people, including me, smile.

I guess the my best response is to cherish my little cat Peanut for as long as I have her. She may not be famous or grumpy, but she sure is cute.

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