A Good Mid-week Prayer

Lord, help me “to have the power of patience and the wisdom of calm.”

That goes against everything that this culture applauds. We celebrate being in a hurry and being busy. As I read somewhere, we need to stop the glorification of busyness.

Being busy doesn’t always equate being more productive. Being in a hurry doesn’t always mean being more efficient.

Sometimes, it’s good to slow down, to learn what it means to wait expectantly on God, and to learn the wisdom of calm.

Jesus took time every day to be alone with God, in spite of overwhelming crowds that hounded His every footstep. He made solitude and quiet a priority.

Who are we then to surrender to the tyranny of the urgent and never make time for what matters most or to ever give ourselves margins in which to breathe, to be still before God, to find calm, and to learn how to wait well?

May we come to learn the power of patience and the wisdom of calm as we learn to lean on and wait on the Lord.

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