The Great Paradox

“The great paradox of life is that those who lose their lives will gain them. This paradox becomes visible in very ordinary situations. If we cling to our friends, we may lose them, but when we are nonpossessive in our relationships, we will make many friends. When fame is what we seek and desire, it often vanishes as soon as we acquire it, but when we have no need to be known, we might be remembered long after our deaths. When we want to be in the center, we easily end up on the margins, but when we are free enough to be wherever we must be, we find ourselves often in the center.

Giving away our lives for others is the greatest of all human arts. This will gain us our lives” (Henri Nouwen).

Those are some wise words by a wise man.

Life isn’t a possession to be guarded with tightly clenched fists but a gift to be held with open hands. A wise woman once said that God gives the very best to those who leave the choice with Him.

In an age where we’re praised for how much we can achieve, possess, and hoard, Jesus said that those who strive to be the least will be first, and those who seek to give their lives away for the sake of the Kingdom of God will be the ones who truly find their best and truest lives.

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