An Easter Blessing

“Through the resurrection of Jesus
God has redeemeed us and made us his children. 
May God bless us with joy. 
Our Redeemer has given us lasting freedom.
May we inherit everlasting life. 
By faith, we rose with Jesus in baptism.
May our lives be holy,
so that we will be united with Jesus for ever.
May almighty God bless us, 
the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 
Amen” (from

Sometimes when you google something, you get 15,000 hits, none of which are remotely related to your topic. Other times, you hit the proverbial jackpot.

I googled “Easter toast” and found this Easter blessing from the Creighton University webpage. I think it’s a fitting blessing to give and receive on Easter (or Resurrection Sunday, if you prefer).

Easter is all about a Love that wouldn’t give up. It’s about God’s relentless love for His people as displayed and evidence in Jesus.

There’s no greater love than laying down one’s live for a friend, but the ultimate sacrifice of love was Jesus laying down His life for us when we were His enemies.

But none of that means anything without the resurrection. If Jesus is still in that tomb, then the cross is an empty gesture, a meaningless act, and a tragic waste.

Thankfully, the tomb was only borrowed for three days, as the song says, and Jesus is alive. That means that Easter can be not just one day a year but every day of every year for those who have been made alive by God’s saving grace.

Thank You, God, for grace and mercy. Thank You for an empty tomb and nail-scarred hands. Thank You for death defeated and the grave overcome. Thank You for Easter Sunday.

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