Back to the Ryman

I love the Ryman Auditorium. I love its history, starting off as a church and morphing into a music venue where so many legends and great artists have played.

I saw Patty Griffin at the Ryman back in 2013 for her American Kid tour. Tonight, I got the chance to see her again (with Lori McKenna as her opening act).

It was magical. Two of my favorite singer-songwriters on one stage.

I heard a lot of my old favorites as well as new songs that I will probably grow to love equally with time. Both artists define what it means to turn songwriting into a craft.

Besides, anything at the Ryman is automatically better. There’s an aura to that auditorium that is unique to that place.

I hope to get the chance to see many more shows there (including hopefully Patty Griffin again at some point).

In the mean time, I think some sleep might be in order. Good night to all of you out there in webland.

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