From Hank Williams Sr to Tom Petty

My musical tastes are eclectic (or possibly eccentric), to say the least. I have everything from The Andrew Sisters to Metallica and everything in between.

Today in my car I was listening to some pre-recorded radio broadcasts that Hank Williams did at WSM for a Mother’s Best Flour program that ran from 7:15-7:30 every morning.

He was apparently a troubled and complex individual who met a tragic end at the way too young age of 29. Still, there’s no denying that he had as much of an impact on country music (and music in general) as anyone else before or since.

It’s interesting to me that in every program he always included hymn time where he sang inspirational or gospel songs, some of which he himself wrote and some of which were favorites of his by other people. I don’t know his personal story very well and I can’t vouch for whether he was a man of faith or not, but I’d like to think based on his love for sacred music that he turned to Jesus at some point but couldn’t overcome his own personal demons.

Tonight, I was inspired by a friend who’s in town to pull out my Tom Petty stash and listened to some of his older material. Nothing sounds dated. His music has and will always have a classic appeal that crosses genres and reaches people from every background.

It still saddens me that he’s no longer around to make more good music, but he left behind quite a legacy, including quite a bit of unreleased material that will one day (I hope) see the light of day.

There’s nothing quite like good music.

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