Lent Begins

Actually, it’s day two of Lent, which officially started with Ash Wednesday. As usual, I’m taking a break from social media for the duration.

Also as usual, I’m trying not to be uber-legalistic about it. I don’t punish myself if I open Facebook or Instagram out of habit. I also reserve the right to post if urgent prayer is needed for a family member or friend.

But Lent is not merely a season to go without. It’s designed to create space previously taken up by other things and devote that space to God, to leave room to hear His voice.

Lent is a demonstration that what I give up doesn’t have a hold over me. I own my possessions, but they don’t own me.

I’m ready to see what God has for me this particular season of Lent. I’m hoping and praying for me that I can use my time well. My goal is to replenish my spirit and to restore my mind, to find calm and rest, to order my thoughts and center them around God again.

Ultimately, it’s about preparing my heart for Resurrection Sunday.

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