Random Friday Thoughts

According to my sources, i.e. the interwebs, tonight will be verrry interesting for those in the general Middle Tennessee area. As in possible thunderstorms, tornados, and flooding, oh my.

But I’m in bed. I’m ready to sleep in tomorrow after a week’s worth of 5 am wake-up calls. I’m planning on doing as little as possible tomorrow, seeing as how it will be a big wet mess outside.

I am tired, but it’s the good kind of tired from actually doing stuff and being all productive and earning a living rather than from doing nothing all day and feeling very much unproductive and useless. I know I tend to sleep better when I’m good tired.

Maybe the rain outside will help me sleep better.

Oh, and I know the struggle of being at a Baptist potluck and having to choose between those six different kinds of potato salad. The struggle was real and could mean the difference between a good potluck experience and a meh one. At least there was always lots of fried chicken to compensate.

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