Is It Time to Hibernate Yet?

It’s gonna be a cold one tomorrow. I don’t mean cold as in cold for Tennessee but not necessarily Minnesota or Michigan. I’m talking cold, period. Plus there’s that whole humidity/wet cold that makes the chilliness seem even chillier, if that were even possible.

I’m disappointed that there’s not even a hint of the possibility of snow. In my mind, if it gets below 20 degrees outside, it needs to snow or what’s the freakin’ point? Then it’s just super cold and everyone is sad.

So when does this hibernation thing start? I am super into that. This spell of wintry weather has me feeling like I could nap for days. Either that or Netflix and chill for days.

I love having a job, but I’m definitely not a fan of waking up in the dark. That’s one of the very few drawbacks about winter and fall. It seems unnatural to wake up before the sun is up.

So once again, when does that hibernation thing start and where do I sign up?

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