Snowpocalypse 2019

Well, it has started already. They (and I’m sure you know who I mean by they) are hyping the fact that snow is coming to Middle Tennessee. I’m surprised they haven’t declared a state of emergency. After all, some of that snow might actually stick to the ground.

I’m all for snow. I’m not much of a fan of driving on icy roads, but I like snow. Maybe that’s because I haven’t seen all that much snow in my lifetime compared with those who live further up north than me. I suppose if you see it all the time it gets old– like it does here when it rains for two weeks straight.

But enough with the hype. I’d rather not get my hopes up for snow and/or get my nerves up for having to drive on snowy and potentially icy roads.

I think I know what I’ll do in the face of all the possibilities that exist with the weather. I think I’ll sleep on it.

One thought on “Snowpocalypse 2019

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