My Quest for Retro Awesome

I’ve decided I’m starting a new quest. This particular one is to collect retro Memphis jerseys such as the Showboats, Chicks, and Grizzlies (the World Football League version). I also know that Memphis had a few incarnations of a pro basketball team back in the 70s as well as more than a few soccer teams back in the day.

I’ve already hit up my Memphis friends on social media for help in this quest. Ideally, I think it’d be great to find these at thrift shops or consignment stores. In other words, for less than one arm and one leg.

I feel like representing my hometown and its incredible sports legacy through the years. I don’t think Memphis gets the respect it deserves as a sports loving city. And I keep hoping against hope that those NBA Memphis Grizzlies can maybe bring home a championship to the city.

At the very least, Penny Hardaway is making University of Memphis basketball exciting and relevant again. So there’s that.

As much as I love living in Nashville, Memphis will always be the place of my birth and my true hometown.

PS I will be more than willing to pay by whatever means for whatever you find. Just throwing that out there.

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