A Time Machine and $10

I’m still thinking about all those concert ticket facsimiles all over the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. Back in its heyday, several well-known acts performed there. You could see acts like Elton John, Queen, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Rush, and even Elvis Presley– all for $10 or under.

I know this is all science fiction at the moment, but I sure would like to have a DeLorean  with a flux capacitor (or some other form of time travel device) to take me back to the 70’s so I could see all this great music for a lot less than you’d pay to see any of them now. Plus, a lot of them are no longer living, like Tom Petty or Freddie Mercury of Queen.

While I grew up in the 80’s and claim that decade as my go-to for everything nostalgic, I still say that the 70’s was the absolute best decade for music. In my humble opinion, there was more diversity of music that crossed all kinds of genres and boundaries. Radio stations actually had playlists of more than 15 songs.

Oh yeah, and concert tickets were much more affordable.



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