Snow-pocalypse Part II

Life in Middle Tennessee has ground to a halt. It snowed.

I know I already wrote about Snow-pocalypse 2018, which ended up being more hype than actual snow or ice.

This time it actually snowed. Like maybe a whole inch and a half. Time to buy up all the break, milk, and eggs you can lay your hands on.

Normally, I’m all for building snowmen (or attempting to), gathering snow for snow-cream, and enjoying the wintery scenery.

Today, I lasted 15 minutes. That also happened to be the temperature at the time.

I’m just about convinced that the temperature needs to be above my age for me to go outside and enjoy it. I had plenty of warm clothing on but nothing I’ve found prevents my face from feeling like it’s going to freeze off. Guess I’d better not make any ugly faces while I’m outside.

I’m thankful for snow. I’m thankful for cold weather that makes me appreciate warmer weather.  I’m thankful for gloves and wool hats and flannel and coats that make the cold bearable.

It’s likely that tomorrow will be day two of Snow-pocalypse Part II, so stay tuned.

One thought on “Snow-pocalypse Part II

  1. You are getting to enjoy the winter weather that usually stays to the Far North of you. In Interior Alaska, it was raining–meaning freezing rain that coats everything with ice. We already have a couple feet of snow and it is definitely preferred to rain. The rain freezes and makes driving hazardous. Normally it is -30 F to -50 F this time of year so I’m thankful for warmer temperatures. When you are not prepared, the temperatures you are experiencing in Middle TN can be hazardous. Enjoy staying inside and warm!

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