More Goodwill Adventures

One of my favorite activities lately is going to Goodwill. I usually make a beeline for the music and movies and very rarely stray from there.

Sometimes, I have certain artists or movies in mind when I go. Sometimes, my mind is an open book.

Sometimes, I go and I don’t find anything. It’s like all the good stuff got picked over before I arrived.

Sometimes, I’ll find a couple of items that I wouldn’t have paid full price for, but since they’re cheap, I’ll pick them up. A few times, I’ll hit the proverbial jackpot and find something I’ve really wanted or something will jump out at me.

Life is a lot like that. So many of the blessings come unexpected and un-looked for. So many of the people in your life come out of the blue, never who or how you expected, but always at the exact right moment you needed someone.

Above all, God is like that. I’ve found that God rarely answers prayers the way you wanted, but in the end, you find that His way turned out way better than yours would have.

Today, I found a couple of movies and a couple of CDs. As an added bonus, today was 50% off everything in the store since it’s the first Saturday of the month. Win.


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