My Takeaways from the Wild and Wacky World of Politics

I normally don’t get into too much political speculation on these blog posts, but I feel like this one is just about dying to get out. Here are some of my takeaways from what I’ve seen of the political world lately:

  1. When it comes to the media, I follow the old X-Files mantra– “Trust no one.” I think these days, the media indoctrinates more than it informs and I feel like facts and the truth often lose out to biases, agendas, and spin. As an actor put it, if you don’t read (and watch) the news, you’re uninformed. If you do, then you’re misinformed.
  2. I still believe that if you’re not an Independent by now, you’re either 1) not paying close enough attention, 2) still drinking either the red or the blue kool aid, or 3) ignorant of the fact that both parties kowtow the knee to the interests of lobbyists and special interest groups and no longer represent the American people.
  3. We’re all in this boat together. Red and yellow, black, and white, as the song goes, are all precious in God’s sight. White supremacy is a doctrine straight from the pit of hell, and no one who claims to follow Jesus (who was not white) can in the same breath condemn anyone else on the basis of their gender or ethnicity or background.
  4. That love your enemies thing? Yeah, Jesus really meant that. It’s easy to love those who love you back, who are on your side politically. It’s easy to fall into self-righteousness when condemning the other side (anyone who disagrees with you) as imbecilic and evil. But those who follow Jesus heed His words to love your enemies and pray for those who actively persecute you (which meant those Romans who were pretty much bad guys on an epic scale).
  5. I’m still looking for kindness and grace from either side in the political arena and finding it way less common than arrogance, sanctimoniousness, and that self-righteous smugness that is convinced that anyone who has even the tiniest amount of heart and brains will be on your side. A smidge of humility would go a long way in this dialogue.
  6. Ultimately, I know that the problems of this nation aren’t political or social or racial or anything other than spiritual. As I heard it put once, it’s not a skin problem nearly as much as it is a sin problem, and we’re all sinners in need of the grace of God.

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