Another 4th of July

I do love the 4th of July. I get the day off from work, I get to sleep in, plus I get to dress up patriotically (including my very patriotic Star-Spangled Chucks). Throw in fireworks and it’s one of my best days ever.

Don’t get me wrong. I do love my country. I love what it has stood for since 1776, as well as what it still stands for today. I also know it’s not my religion. It’s not God and country. That’s idolatry. It’s God then country as a very distant second.

My ultimate home is in heaven and my primary citizenship is in the Kingdom of God. That trumps any flag or ideology or political party. That trumps Trump (or whoever the next President turns out to be).

I know I’m called to pray for the peace of the place where I live. The Apostle Paul in Romans 14 tells me to honor and support my leaders (and don’t forget the original readers had Nero to deal with, and he was way worse than any bad President we’ve ever had).

But if I have to choose my loyalties, God wins. Every single time. The Bible also says that it’s far better to obey God rather than human authorities when people contradict the word of God.

America won’t last forever. God will. His kingdom will. His love and grace and mercy will. Choose those first.

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