Repeat After Me

I saw something that I posted a year ago on this date. It said, “Repeat after me: my current situation is not my final destination.”

That got me thinking. What else do we need to repeat to ourselves to remind ourselves of the truth when it seems that just about everything and everyone out there in social media land wants to feed us lies?

Here are a few I think that are good to repeat to yourself as often as needed:

Repeat after me: the next Presidential election will not thwart God’s eternal plans, no matter who wins. Neither Clinton nor Trump winning will take the Almighty by surprise and alter His eternal game-plan for you and me.

Repeat after me: regardless of whether this was your best week ever or your worst or somewhere in between, your identity is still not in your performance. Ultimately, your identity is still who God says you are, and that title doesn’t change with each new job title. You are still His Beloved.

Repeat after me: you matter. The fact that you woke up this morning means that you have a purpose and that God is not done with you yet. Nothing God has made yet is useless or worthless or of no value.

Repeat after me: tomorrow’s Friday. You made it through another week. Sure, Monday seemed like it would never end and by Wednesday, you weren’t sure you could hold out. Yet here you are, presumably still breathing and with a pulse, reading this like a boss. You made it.

Repeat any or all of these as needed. You can even make up your own mantras to repeat as necessary for whatever situation you’re in. Send some my way if you think of some good ones. I might need them some day.


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