Thank You, Patty


Yeah, I saw Patty Griffin at the Ryman. That’s one thing I can cross off my bucket list. Yippee!

She was uh-mazing. Not just amazing. UH-MAZING.

I had a great seat in my favorite concert venue and a very lively and appreciative crowd around me. I say this will go down as one of my best Mondays ever.

I knew every song she sang. Not that I sang with her. That would have almost been sacriligeous.

But better than even this concert is the one my Abba gives me every single night. He sings me to sleep with songs of joy and peace. He dances around me with delight because He is still very much fond of me after all these years.

It’s a concert that’s free to me, but came at great cost. Just because salvation didn’t cost me anything doesn’t mean it’s not costly. God paid dearly for me. And all He asks in return is me.

So I’m going to bed with a grateful heart and a joyful spirit. I’ll lay my head on my pillow knowing I am blessed. I call that a great Monday, don’t you?

PS Thank you, Patty, for making my Monday so special. And thank you, God, for my life.

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