Happy Birth-Month to Me: The Sequel

Yes, it’s here again. February, my birth-month.

I decided that since I got gipped on having a birthday on a such a short month, I might as well milk it for all it’s worth and celebrate for all 28 days.

I’m thankful to be turning 45 this year. I have times when I wish I were still in my 20’s, but I’m in a better place mentally and spiritually (if not physically).

I wouldn’t want to go back to change anything, but sometimes I think it’d be nice to relive some of my experiences through 45-year old eyes. I have a feeling I might appreciate them a bit more than I did.

Regardless, I like who I’m becoming more and more because I realize more and more how God has been guiding and molding my circumstances all along to lead me toward Christlikeness. I truly see way more than I used to how He works all things (and not just the good and pleasant and comfortable things) for my good and His glory.

As usual, for my birthday I am accepting all major forms of payment. I also really like gift cards, especially to places where they have coffee. I won’t even mention my Amazon wish-list which gets bigger and more ridiculous with each passing day.

Seriously, I’m thankful above all for the gift of being alive. I know too many who didn’t make it to 45, so I don’t ever take it for granted.

I’m also thankful for every one of you reading these words. You have a multitude of other choices, plus a plethora of offerings on Netflix that you could be catching up on, but you chose to read my blog posts instead.

I’ve already bought my annual birthday present to me. I have a ticket to see Robert Earl Keen at the Franklin Theatre on March 23. I give myself such good presents.

Happy birth-month to all of you lucky enough also to be born in February. I think it’s the best birthday month.


Once Again, Happy Birth-Month to Me

I’ve taken it upon myself to celebrate the whole month of February as my birth-month. Why not? I was born in the shortest month of the year (even counting the extra leap year day that comes once every four years), so I might as well milk the month for all it’s worth.

I will be 44 on February 28. I’m not ashamed of that. A lot of people didn’t get to see 44 because they died way too young. These days, anything shy of 80 is too young.

I’m thankful for my 44 years. I’m thankful for every day that I wake up and see the sun and feel the wind in my face. I don’t take these things for granted any more.

I hope to celebrate this birthday well. I’d love to have a birthday dinner at Mafiaoza’s, either at the Factory in Franklin (if it’s open by then) or at the original location on 12th Avenue South.

As usual, I accept all major credit cards, checks, cash, and gold doubloons. I love gift certificates, especially to places like Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Target, Amazon, McKay’s, Frothy Monkey, McCreary’s Irish Pub, and any other places where they sell music, books, movies, or food. FYI.

I hope to see you during this month of festivities. I hope to have some good face-to-face conversations and catch up with as many of you as possible, especially in places where they serve coffee-based beverages. Which reminds me. I also like gift cards to Starbucks, The Well, and The Edgehill Cafe.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I see now more than ever how truly blessed I am to know the people I know and to have seen and felt the love from all of you, and especially from my Abba Father.

It’s been a very good ride so far.