Nothing on a Saturday 

I’m sitting on the couch with a very sleepy feline in my lap. A very sleepy elderly cat, to be more specific. She’s 16 and she can nap with the best of them.

That’s as deep as I get right at the moment. I’m trying to appreciate the moments for what they are without over analyzing them. I’m attempting to enjoy and appreciate the here and now, free from too much introspection over what might have been or what could yet be. 

I see that the best moments of your life will often not seem like much when they’re in the midst of happening. It’s only later, in hindsight, that you see how special they were.

So I’m treasuring these quiet moments as often as I can get them. I know they won’t last forever.

Thank you, God, for sleepy cats and comfortable couches and lasting memories. How could I ask for more?

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