Deep Album Cuts

I’ve been listening to some Eagles albums. Most people associate them with songs like Hotel California and Takin’ It Easy. In fact, if you listen to most adult contemporary radio stations, you’d only think they ever recorded like five songs.

I personally have always been one who’s been drawn to the less popular stuff. Most of my musical tastes don’t necessarily align with what’s popular with most other people.

So far, the songs that have caught my attention are Saturday Night and I Wish You Peace. I doubt you’ll ever hear either one of those on the radio, but they’re really good songs.

I do believe the life of faith is like that. Some of the best people and experiences  come from the most unlikely of places. Sometimes, the best relationships are the ones where you have to dig a little deeper to find the proverbial diamond hidden in all that rough.

God’s motus operandi is to look for the least likely kind of people to do His best work. He almost never goes for the obvious choices– the learned, the religious, the well-to-do. He usually picks peasants, shepherds, foreign astrologers, fishermen.

I’m thankful He operates that way. I’m one of those God chose. So are you. Some of you probably know what it’s like to be passed over and always picked last. But not with God.

God chose you and me not because there wasn’t anybody else left to choose. He didn’t choose us because the people He really wanted were unavailable.

He chose us because He wanted us. He pursued us because He had set His affection on us and desired that we be a part of His Kingdom.

That’s a good reminder on a cold and rainy day where the sunshine seems a long way off. That’s something to hold on to in the midst of a long week full of Mondays.

So take heart and give thanks for a God who likes those deep album cuts as much as the popular stuff.


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