Mac Vs. PC — Take 42

I now have my Mac Book Pro. In fact, I’m typing this blog right here on it.

Part of me wishes I could have been a little more patient and disciplined the last time I bought a laptop, so I could have gotten my Mac on back then (and I mean that in the most literal sense of actually turning my Mac Book Pro on with the little power button at the top).

I don’t feel any different. My facial hair is still scanty. I didn’t get all those bonus hipster points with the purchase of my Mac.

I’m still the same ol’ guy who writes the same ol’ blogs that I’ve always written. I’m still very much in need of the grace of God and I’m still in awe of what God has done (and continues to do) in me.

I’m still very much thankful for the people in my life who continue to model Christ for me and to make me a better person simply for having been around them for a little while.

I actually still have my old Sony Vaio. I figure I might as well keep it, as the market for 4-year old PC laptops probably isn’t what it used to be. Plus, it has a blu ray player on it, so there’s that.

Grace continues to be my theme. That grace that never gets old and never wear out and never runs out. That grace that I can never earn and never grasp but only receive with empty hands and grateful heart.

So no, I’m not an Apple snob now. I still like PCs and the people who used them, partially because I still have to use one at work and I’m fairly fond of me.

I still can’t wait to see what God has in store for both me and you in the days to come. I don’t know what it will look like, but I’m positive it will exceed all my expectations, as always.

The end.

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