The Horse and His Boy

Sometimes, I think it would be nice if Lucy the Wonder Cat could talk like one of those Narnian talking animals. But maybe it’s better if the feline profanity stays feline.

Still, I do love Narnia. Especially The Horse and His Boy. The whole notion of escaping into a better life has always appealed to me, not that I’m planning on running away from home any time soon.

I love how Shasta as a character grows into his destiny. He has to go through a number of tests and trials before he can become Prince Cor (spoiler alert). But his best quality is to keep putting one foot in front of the other and not giving up.

Sometimes, the place where you read a book can enhance your enjoyment of it. Tonight, I was reading this particular book on the patio of Frothy Monkey and the pseudo-autumnal breezes and scents of Spring helped the story really come alive even more.

I think that this year is the 15th year in a row that I’ve read the Narnia books and they still haven’t gotten old yet. I hope they never do.

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