A Couple of Questions from Kairos Tonight

Tonight, Mike Glenn spoke from Mark 2:1-12 about the four men who dug a hole in the roof to get their paralyzed friend to Jesus. Then something interesting happened.

Jesus said in essence to the paralyzed man, “Because of the faith of your friends, your sins are forgiven.”

Did you catch that? It wasn’t his own faith, but the faith of his friends that prompted Jesus to heal him. That begs two questions.

1) Who in your life do you need to believe for? In other words, who in your sphere of influence has run out of faith and needs to borrow some of yours? Sometimes you have to believe for someone else until their faith comes to the place where they can believe for themselves.

It’s interesting to think of the verse about “wherever two or more agree in prayer about anything, it will be done” in this context. We are to carry each others’ burdens, even if that is the burden of faith.

2) When your faith ebbs low, who will you confide in who will believe for you? Who will stand in n the gap of your doubt and pray through until your faith grows strong again?

Sometimes, all faith needs is a good night’s sleep and a fresh perspective that comes with the morning. Sometimes it comes with the encouragement of fellow believers.

Ok, I lied. There are really three questions from Kairos tonight.

3) Who in your immediate circle can you encourage who needs it right now? How will you communicate that encouragement so that the other person receives it most effectively?

These are questions I hope to wrestle with over the next few days and which I hope will lead not just to contemplation but to actions and changes in my behavior and lifestyle. I hope and pray they do the same for you.


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