Show Your Scars


I had a random thought today. After all, randomness is one of my spiritual gifts, along with the ability to always come up with a movie or song quote to go with any situation. More on that later.

Anyway, I had this insight. I won’t claim that God spoke a word to me, but I think this is what He would say to all of us tonight: Not all scars are on the outside. Not all wounds are visible. Sometimes a smiling face hides tremendous pain.

Have you ever heard someone share her story and think, “I never in a million years would have ever guessed she’d been through all that.” Or maybe when someone gives his testimony and you think, “Maybe I need to rethink how I feel about this person. I’d have done way worse than this guy given his circumstances.”

All of us have scars, but not all those are visible. Some have learned to camouflage their scars better than others, but the wounds are just as real.

Why am I saying this? I’m telling you to share your scars. Maybe when you tell your unvarnished, unedited story with the ugly parts left in, someone else will find the courage to tell his or her story. And those who hear will realize that theirs are not the only scars in the room. Maybe some will find some healing in the process.

Jesus has scars. In fact, He’s known for His scars in His hands, feet, and side. Even in His glorified body, Jesus has those scars. The best part is how He got them. He got them so that ours would have new meaning and that our past could be redeemed and our future forever changed. He got them in pursuit of you and me in order to bring us back to God.

Show your scars.


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