Remember When You Used Cell Phones for Phone Calls?



The old running joke about iPhones was that you could do just about anything with one. Buy concert tickets, check the weather, deposit money into your checking account. The only thing you couldn’t do was make a phone call.

I remember when all you could do with a cell phone was to make a phone call. That’s it. No internet. No music files. Not even a calculator.

We’ve come a long way from the old brick phones of yesteryear. Funny how no one is nostalgic about wanting one of those.



This was my very first cell phone. I believe it was a dual phone capable of transmitting in both analog and digital frequencies. And it had a retractable antenna. I miss those. I mean retractable antennas, not the phones. Sad to say, but I’m pretty sure Qualcomm cell phones have gone the way of the Commodore computer and the dinosaur.

I’ve had a more than a few cell phones since then. I’ve had camera phones, flip phones, touchscreen phones, you name it. Some I liked better than others. All of them are obsolete now.

That’s technology for you. The faster it progresses, the less you’re able to use it before you have to upgrade to the next model or the next platform. One thing that dates a movie more than anything is the use of technology that was current and even ahead of its time then, but not so much now.

Faith never goes out of date. God is never obsolete. You won’t need to replace it in a year or even in five years.

I’m loving my latest phone. It’s an iPhone 5 that does virtually everything, including– believe it or not– making phone calls.

But one day soon, it too will become obsolete and need replacing. I’m sure that further down the road it will seem quaint and dated in light of the increasing advance of technology.

But my faith won’t. My God will still be the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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