Why I am Deactivating My Facebook Account (For Now)

This is the official announcement that as of today, I am taking a break from facebook for the time being. It was a decision that had been in the back of my mind but I think I finally reached the breaking point today.

As juvenile as this seems, I got upset when a friend of mine liked someone else’s post and not mine. That was the epiphany for me, the sudden realization that facebook had become an idol in my life. And for the record, this is not in any way to blame the other person at all, but to show how messed up my priorities had become.

I was too wrapped up in whether people liked or commented on my posts and was at times defining myself by that. I spent way too much time trying to figure out why this or that person never commented on or liked any of my posts. It was getting out of hand.

Hence, the break from facebook. I will still be posting on twitter.com and writing blogs and you can always call or text me if you want to get in touch with me. This won’t be forever– just until I can get my priorities straight again.

Please pray for me during this time. I know it will be difficult at times to resist the temptation to get back on and just check that last status update. Pray that I will fill the time wisely in seeking God’s face and really be able to hear His voice.

I want to thank all of you who were (and still are) my facebook friends. Your friendship has meant so much to me and I cherish each and every one of you and all the ways you’ve blessed me both in and out of facebookland.


2 thoughts on “Why I am Deactivating My Facebook Account (For Now)

  1. Greg,
    I promise to pray for you. You will definitely be missed on Facebook, and I will follow you here for now. I get your blog updates by email, and read each entry with great enthusiasm. May God show you the answers you need right now. Pray for me, too, as I am still trying to figure out where God wants me to be at this point in my own life. Thanks for being such a good Facebook friend and positive influenf

    • Influence on me and so many others!! Oh, and I’m not good at typing on my phone, as if you can’t tell. Haha!

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