Some Reasons to Be Thankful (When You Can’t Think of Any)

I heard something today that struck home. If I look at all the people and things in my life as the due reward for what I’ve earned, then I’m not going to be very grateful. If, on the other hand, I see that I have earned nothing and deserve nothing but hell, I see everything in my life as a gift.

Waking up this morning in good health? Gift.

Having the next breath to breathe? Gift.

Having my past crucified with Christ and my sins forgiven forever? Gift.

Having God as my Abba Father who will never leave me or forsake me or give up on me? Gift.

Having family who has never done anything but love me? Gift.

Having friends who amaze, inspire, encourage, and bless me every single day in ways I could never repay? Gift.

Knowing that this love of Christ in me is mine and I can’t do one single solitary thing to earn it, deserve it, keep it or lose it, but only be thankful for it? Gift.

Having access to clean water and food and shelter and clothing and transportation? Realizing that what I take for granted every day makes me rich compared to the way most of the world lives? Believing that God will one day make all the wrongs in the world right and rid the world of injustice, poverty, hunger, disease, and every other evil? Gift.

Being thankful that life is good because the risen Christ is in me? Gift.

In everything give thanks. In everything praise the name of Jesus. In everything know that this Love of Jesus will keep you and carry you though to the end. Amen.


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