Missing Our Princess

I finally got around to seeing the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi. It’s not the absolute best or the absolute worst Star Wars movie I’ve ever seen. It does entertain and tell a good story, which is what these movies have always been about.

It was bittersweet seeing Carrie Fisher one last time as Princess Leia. She passed away on December 27 after suffering a major heart attack on a flight.

There was a touching tribute in the credits that read, “In loving memory of our princess, Carrie Fisher.”

It still feels like part of my childhood has passed away. I wonder how they’ll address her absence in Episode IX, which probably hits theaters in 2019. I know for certain that the movie won’t be the same without her. I for one hope they don’t try to insert a CGI-Carrie into the movie.

In keeping with tradition and respect, I won’t give away any spoilers here. I will say to go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi as soon as humanly possible. It’s definitely a movie that needs to be seen in a movie theater.

In the mean time, she will never be truly gone. Her movies will still be around to remind people of just what an amazing actress and human being she was.

RIP, Princess Leia. We will always miss you.



When Harry Met Sally Strikes Back


I’m still processing the fact that Princess Leia died today. I understand that all of us humans have an expiration date and will face death someday. I was hoping her’s wouldn’t be so soon.

I decided to honor her memory by revisiting a classic movie where she plays one of her best roles, When Harry Met Sally.

This movie is a cultural icon. Just about every frame is memorable. Through older eyes, I find it both timeless and a time capsule to all things 80’s. The themes are eternal. The hairstyles, fashions, technology, and trends? Not so much. They lend a touch of nostalgia to the film.

I understand that celebrities are just as human as the rest of us. They make poor choices that have consequences. Sometimes, those consequences are fatal.

Still, a lot of them are a part of the fabric of my growing up. I can watch one of their movies and be instantly transported back to when I was 17. For that, I’m forever grateful.

I admire Carrie for her absolute refusal to kowtow to anyone else’s expectations of how she should look or behave. She followed her own path and couldn’t care less if anyone else approved or not.

I’ll most likely be watching the original Star Wars movies some time soon and reliving more old memories. Rest in peace, Princess Leia. You were one of a kind.


My First Ever Mac Blog

Well, the day has finally arrived. I am typing my 2,001st blog, the first I’ve written using my newly-acquired, refurbished Mac Book Pro. I feel so hipster right now.

It took a long time to save up enough money, but I kept at it. Actually, I almost had the money a couple of other times, but other expenses kept me from getting it. But I persevered. As I’m learning, a little bit of patience in all matters goes a long, long way.

I promise not to turn into an anti-PC snob. I still have to use one at work. I hope that my blogs will get better (or at least more artsier) with this new contraption.

In other news, I finally saw the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise in IMAX 3D. It was ridiculously overpriced, but I do recommend possibly going to see it on the big screen. The movie itself is better than the prequels, but not quite as good as the original three (maybe better than Return of the Jedi).

If any movie needs to be seen in grand 3D-style, it’s Star Wars. Maybe try to get in to a matinee showing or some other day other than Friday or Saturday.

I won’t be like so many who have been leaking spoilers from the movie all over the place. I’ll just say it was great seeing just about all the old faces from the first trilogy as well as some new faces that give me new hope for the Star Wars movies to follow.

One spoiler alert: at the end, the screen goes black and the credits roll. FYI.

That wraps up my Saturday. I slept late and took a nap, so life is good. Hopefully, Sunday will be just as varied and entertaining.

The end.



My First Blog of 2016

Welcome to 2016. It’s a leap year, so we all get that extra day in February that nobody knows what to do with.

I’m thankful once again that I got another day to be alive and another chance to see another year in, even if it wasn’t with a multitude of people and loud festivities. I’m okay with that. It was just me and my sister and her family in a low-key celebration that ended up with just me and my brother-in-law ringing in the new year.

Currently, it’s 12:59 am and I’m pooped. Even after that 2 1/2 hour nap earlier, I’m still tired. I guess I know what my cat feels like most of the time.

I hope to see more of my friends face-to-face and have actual, honest-to-goodness conversations, preferably over coffee, tea, or some other beverage at a Starbucks or other similar type venue.

I hope to lose the weight I gained back after getting down to a good size. And this time, I’m keeping it off. As long as there’s no chocolate or cheesecake or any other type of food to tempt me.

I hope to see the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise, which I am apparently one of the few who hasn’t already seen it at least once. I’m thinking maybe of seeing it in IMAX 3D at some point in the next two weeks. Anyone want to join me?

As always, I look forward in anticipation to what God will do. As I read in a post earlier on Facebook, I’m trusting less in my own resolutions to do better and be better and trusting more in Jesus’ resolution to finish the good saving work He started in me way back when.

It’s now 1:06 and I am officially calling an end to this wild and crazy celebration. See you all later and may your 2016 be blessed and joyful.


More Like Jesus?


I’ve noticed that Christians sprinkle a lot of religion-isms into their conversation. I mean those phrases and terms that only us as believers know what they mean and sometimes we’re not even sure. At least not me.

Take for example when people talk about the goal of becoming like Jesus. What does that even mean? In my Life Group, a newbie asked that question and I was a bit taken aback at first, but then I thought, “What DOES that mean? I mean, really?”

I don’t think it means that we’re going to all be a bunch of clones of Jesus one day, like those stormtroopers in the Star Wars movies. Or when there were 7 exact replicas of Harry Potter in the last Harry Potter movie.

Here’s what I think it means.

It’s like that couple you know who’ve been married forever. The ones who can finish each other’s sentences. The ones who know what the other is thinking and feeling without having to use actual words.

Back in the ancient days, a disciple was someone who literally studied another. He or she followed this person around. When the teacher ate, a disciple ate. When the teacher slept, that disciple slept. The disciple was with the teacher 24/7.

Ultimately, the disciple picked up the mannerisms and behavior of the teacher just by being around him so much. He started even to think and speak like his teacher.

That’s what it looks like. If I become most like the people I spend the most time with, then if I spend the most time with Jesus, I start to look like Him. I don’t mean I start wearing a robe and sandals and sprouting a beard. I mean that I act like Jesus. I do what Jesus did.

Granted, I can never be completely like Jesus in the sense that He is divine and I am definitely not. But I can emulate His attitude (see Philippians 2:5-11) and His behavior and His attributes.

Here endeth the lesson.