A Celtic Prayer

“O God
In my deeds,
In my words,
In my wishes,
In my reason,
And in the fulfilling of my desires,
In my sleep,
In my dreams,
In my repose,
In my thoughts,
In my heart and soul always

A Dhia, ann mo ghniamh
Ann mo ghniamh,
Ann mo bhriathar,
Ann mo mhiann,
Ann mo chiall,
Ann an riarachd mo chail,
Ann mo shuain,
Ann mo bhruail,
Ann mo chluain,
Ann mo smuain,
Ann mo chridh agus m’anam a ghnath”

I think this prayer captures the heart of the Apostle Paul’s injunction that we “pray without ceasing.” I also can’t help but think of an Alison Krauss song that speaks of making my life a living prayer to God.

I want this to be my prayer in 2018, to live in an ever mindful awareness of God’s nearness in all my waking moments. To have every single thought, word, and act be an offering of worship and a declaration of thanksgiving.

I realize that I’m very much human and I have distracting thoughts and desires all through the day. I’m sure that I will have to remind myself of this prayer at least once a day to recenter my attention away from everything else back to God.

I’m very much with the Apostle Paul in that I very often do what I know is wrong and don’t do what I know is right. I very often stray and take my eyes of Jesus. Maybe this little prayer will help get my eyes back to where they belong.

May this also be your prayer in 2018.


Prayer for the New Year

I posted this prayer last year on social media. May this be the prayer of all our hearts as we enter into 2017.

“Lord as this new year dawns,
Welcome into our world
and into our lives.
Sow light into our hearts.
Let it germinate and grow
and bring forth fruit.
Birth in us something new.
Let your peace take root.
Nurture it,
encourage it to flourish.
Let your love blossom
with the fragrance of patience and compassion.
Let it strengthen forgiveness and understanding.
Let your life emerge
in us, through us, around us,
bringing newness to all it touches” (Celtic Prayer).